Some of my past work...

Website for the book about the small ghost town in Greenland, written by journalist Søren Peder Sørensen.


Website for the Social Entrepreneurship Research Network for the Nordic Countries

Lucas Alexander

Website for the actor Lucas Alexander

Hope Agency NGO

Visual Identity and website for the Cambodian NGO Hope Agency.


Developer in heart, hacker in skill & creative in mind.

I've been a web developer since the age of 14, and was at first scared about the prospect of becoming a "real" developer when I began studying at Roskilde University back in 2008, my fear was mainly because of the mathematics involved. In 2012 I began my Master's Degree at the IT University of Copenhagen and was pleased to see what possibilities I was given with skills in more hardcore software engineering. Today I love to develop apps for Android phone, do microcontroller programming and have found a passion in IoT and sensor-based networks. I continue to push myself and expand my skill set due to the love I found for technology at a young age.

  • Android

    Mobile App Development

  • Python

    Programming Language

  • Web Development

    Typescript/Javascript, PHP, HTML & CSS

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Troels Siggaard

Hi, I’m Troels Siggaard


Some scribblings I do in my spare time. More to come.